Salt Girl Consulting provides services over a wide range of sectors.

Prices vary from hourly consulting rates, monthly retainers, or per project fees. SGC will work with you to determine the best and most cost-effective system for your needs.

Example Services Include:
Information Curation

Do you have a lot of inspiration and materials, but need help making sense of it all? Recent examples of SGC’s information curation include creating healthcare toolkits for leading research universities, developing new organizational structures for nonprofit companies, and composing user-friendly guides for a range of products and services.

Marketing Audit

Ideal for startups, small businesses, or companies looking to rebrand. Salt Girl Consulting will help you define your story, develop a plan for brand clarity and presentation, and hone in on your goals.

Television/ Film/ Theater Development

The core of Salt Girl Consulting. If you are working on a script in any stage of development, SGC can provide feedback and guidance to help your story succeed.

Content Mining

Salt Girl Consulting believes that the key to sharing quality content with your audiences comes from understanding your own assets and leveraging them wisely. If you feel like you’re getting stuck on an endless hamster wheel of content “creation,” SGC will help you realize the value you already have, and transform your materials into fresh content to deploy across platforms.