Recents Projects

Row 7 Dinner, Brooklyn, New York

Row 7 founders Matthew Goldfarb (left), Michael Mazourek (center), and Dan Barber (right). Photo credit: Johnny Autry.

In January, Chef Dan Barber hosted a dinner for 300 guests to engage with them about his company, Row 7 Seeds. With the goal of inspiring potential investors, I collaborated with Dan on the flow and structure of the evening. Together we crafted an event that shared the story of Row 7, connected members of the food community, and showcased incredible dishes with a unique origin.

Review: The Human Voice Versus The Internet in Dave Malloy’s ‘Octet’

Cast of OCTET (photo by Joan Marcus)

OCTET, an acapella chamber musical by Dave Malloy, is an exploration of spirituality, consciousness, and the internet. Throughout two workshops and the world premiere production, I supported Dave and director Annie Tippe as they developed the story of eight strangers confronting addiction and connection in the digital age.

Ongoing Development Work:

Songbird by Michael Kimmel and Lauren Pritchard

Tell Them I’m Still Young with Andre Braugher