Row 7 / Brooklyn, New York

Row 7 founders (from left to right) Matthew Goldfarb, Michael Mazourek, and Dan Barber. Photo by Johnny Autry.

In January 2019, Chef Dan Barber hosted a dinner for 300 guests to engage with them about his company, Row 7 Seeds. With the goal of inspiring potential investors, I collaborated with Dan on the flow and structure of the evening. Together we crafted an event that shared the story of Row 7, connected members of the food community, and showcased incredible dishes with a unique origin.

THE HOT WING KING at Signature Theatre / New York, New York

Katori Hall’s The Hot Wing King, which closed early in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama!

Richmond Health and Wellness Program at VCU


The Richmond Health and Wellness Program is a revolutionary interprofessional collaborative care model found by the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing, with the goal to increase education and healthcare self-management in underserved populations. Thanks to a grant from the AARP, I am working with the VCU School of Nursing to develop a toolkit so that other schools of health can implement the RHWP model in their communities,